SaniGuard® Barrier Skin Cream

Make Vinyl and Latex Gloves a Thing Of The Past!

Patented and extensively tested high-powered, professional skin product that goes on easy, dries quickly, and is non-sticky. Formulated to provide temporary protection against harsh chemicals such as: hair color, dyes, oils, solvents, mild acids, grease, paint, fuel, water, and more! This is a non-medicated product designed for dried and cracked hands due to daily exposure to harsh chemicals and water.

When applied to the skin, SaniGuard® Barrier Skin Cream’s professional strength ingredients interact and bond with your skin cells to forma waterproof, complex “second skin” that works both mechanically and chemically to prevent the intrusion and spread of most harmful substances. This protective film contains minuscule “breathing holes” smaller than the smallest HIV virus, but large enough to allow the skin to breath and perspire normally.